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Cornelia The Cockroach

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Alvina Leder
My Story

Once upon a time, I lived in the beautiful State of Hawaii where it was always sunny and warm.  Then one day, I wondered what would it be like to live where a Polar Vortex could freeze all the water pipes in the house and cause ice cream to conveniently remain frozen outside of the freezer?  So, I moved 4,762 miles to the East Coast to find out.  Currently, I live in Washington, D.C., with my husband, four children, and a very rascal perma-pup named Ruffles Chips.  Over the years, I have mastered 100 ways to eat ketchup, how to tame a teenager, and how to stretch a day into 26 hours.  I idolize Pleakley, Kermit (When I was 5 years old, he was the guy I wanted to marry and even went as far as planned our wedding!), Betty Crocker, Iron Man, Cal Drogo, and Mr. Handy.  My lucky number is six, and my favorite color is red.  I love red ladybugs and green geckos (because they kinda look like my one-time love, Kermie).  My ultimate fantasy is to spend an entire winter doing nothing but eating high-calorie desserts, sleeping past 5:00 every morning, and reading good books at a secluded, fancy-schmancy hotel in the Rockies (minus any scary twins in the hallway).


Oh, and I forgot to mention, I am a children's book author, and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to share my work with you!  

My Books

Cornelia the Cockroach

The Buzzards of The Buttery Inn

The Panty Princess

My Books
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